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Goin back to my roots! I can’t really find a clearer picture of my skin currently. I think I’m on month 6 of claravis. I don’t know what brought me to look over these jumbled pages again but I think I almost cried. I haven’t been feeling that happy with my skin. There’s still an uneven tone and redness and deep scarring. But I haven’t really even paid attention to the fact that the goddamn acne is goddamn gone and this is a miracle and I can’t believe this. I have a newfound confidence and a friend told me that someone actually referred to me as “the tall pretty one” instead of just “the tall one” as it’s always been before. It’s unfortunate that beauty would rest in such a thing but we live in a world where we’ve been given these fleshy tombs to decorate and care for.
My last month is next month. I don’t want to get off it. I’m scared it will come back. But for now, I am so very grateful.


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